Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Hoppy in the Times!

Those that were previously unaware of Hoppy's exursions 40 years ago will soon stand and take heed!...

"...until recently I had only the woolliest appreciation of who Hopkins is and what he has done. In 1961 he morphed from nuclear physicist to roving photojournalist, then going on to become a kingpin of the London underground movement. He brought Allen Ginsberg to the Albert Hall and established the countercultural bible the International Times before helping to launch psychedelia with the hugely influential UFO club. When, in 1967, Hopkins landed in Wormwood Scrubs, sentenced for marijuana possession by a judge who called him “a pest to society” under the punitive drug laws that almost resulted in the jailing of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, Paul McCartney paid for a page advertisement in The Times as part of the subsequent campaign to liberalise the drug laws. If you have an interest in Sixties counterculture there are worse people to talk to" - Ben Machell, Times2